Friday, April 29, 2011

Honey Bees Have Arrived

I wanted to add bees to the farm this year so I ordered a beehive this winter and used it as the model to make two additional hives.  When you start beekeeping you typically order a 3 lb package or a nuc.  I placed an order for 3 packages for delivery in late March but the supplier had problems meeting his demand so I ended up having to look elsewhere.  Luckily I found a source locally and was able to pick up my packages yesterday.  I installed the packages late yesterday evening and everything seemed to go well.  I will check on the bees this afternoon and will check again this weekend to make sure the queen is out of her cage.  It was hard to photography while in a beesuit and while busy installing the packages, but I will be posting more soon with new photos, more info on bees and beekeeping, etc.