Saturday, November 22, 2008

Moses Cone Manor on the Blue Ridge Parkway Near Blowing Rock

The Moses H. Cone Memorial Manor, also known as Flat Top Manor to the locals, is located at Mile Post 294 on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Blowing Rock. In 1898 Moses H. Cone wanted to emulate the Vanderbilt's Biltmore Mansion and announced he was going to be a 13,000 square foot mansion for a cost of $25,000. (At that time you could buy a home for $200) Construction of the house started in 1899 and took two years to build.
Today the Manor is a visitor center and is best known as one of the Parkway's Craft Centers. The center features hundreds of crafts made by regional artist, quilters, candle makers, etc.
In addition to the crafts, visitors will enjoy walk around the property or taking a carriage ride through the
orchards and around Bass Lake. Moses loved nature and had numerous gardens, orchards, and Hemlock Trees. Visitors can still enjoy the lakes he constructed and the 10,000 parts of the apple orchard that once consisted of over 10,000 apple trees.
If you enjoy reading, this book goes into detail on the life of Moses Cone and his wife. It talks about life after the war, how they made their fortune in the textile industry, and how they practically adopted the town of blowing rock, and supplemented the teachers wages.

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