Monday, March 9, 2009

Appalachian Trail - First experience in a shelter

App Trail Day 7 Last night was my first night staying in a shelter. One thing you have to realize is many of these shelters are rodent infested. About thirty mins after laying down I started hearing them running around. I made a mistake of laying at the end of the shelter next to the wall. Soon after one jumped on my arm and ran over to my shoulder and then moved on. Later I was laying on my stomach resting my head on my arm and one ran under my neck. Lefty was on the other end and he had one run across his face. They say if you leave all of your pockets open on your backpack they will just go in and out but not chew a hole through it. Fortunately someone left a can of pringles in the side pocket of there pack so the mice filled up on them and left us alone the rest of the night. I could hear them jumping to try and get out of the can, but after about a minute they made it out.

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