Sunday, March 8, 2009

Appalachian Trail at Unicoi Gap

App Trail Day 7 We had a long day today doing 12.6 miles including some crazy climbs. We started the day descending from Blue Mountain at 4025' down to Unicoi Gap at 2949'. Unicoi is a Cherokee word meaning white mans way. The first road crossing the Blue Ridge Mtns was built here in the 1840's. We then climbed Rocky Mtn to an elevation of 4017'. Then we made our way back down to Indian Grave Gap to an
elev of 3113. Our next challenge was climbing up Tray Mtn to an elevation of 4430, the second highest point in Ga on the A.T. After all this climbing we still had another 5 miles to go before reaching our destination. The sun was hot and I do have a bit of a sunburn but otherwise I feel great. I honestly was not looking forward to today but it turned out to be my best feeling day on the trail. My energy level was high and the miles flewby. Today is Jeremiahs last day as he has to get back to work. We will all miss having him around.

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A. K. said...

Sounds like you had fun! Happy Monday!