Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hiking on a beautiful day in Georgia

I managed to get in 8.7 miles today which I think is pretty good considering I crossed three mountains (hawk mtn, sassafrass mtn, and Justis mtn). I have also started to despise gaps... all you do is hike down a mountain hit a gap, and then head right back up. And the signage..... anytime you see a sign that says you are 0.9 miles away from a gap you know you are in trouble because the terrain is about to get rough. Instead of putting it a mile back and saying 1.9 miles. Sometimes when you get there there isn't even anything there... they just want you to know it won't be bad for long.
I knocked out the first five miles in no time but then I ran out of gas. I knew better than to try and skip lunch but I did it anyway. I also didn't carry enough water with me today.
My legs feel great as long as I eat, but my shoulders are in pain. I know how to fit my bag, but the hip straps are sliding down and I cant keep them up so to much of the weight is being supported by the shoulders. It is more than this bag was designed for.

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