Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 31 update. Hot Springs. I stayed at the Sunny Bank Inn last night. It is about 150 years old and is one of the better known hostiles on the trail. Elmer and the staff were great. Tonight I am in the cabin with the rest of the gang.
I needed a hair cut so I was told about a lady that I am guessing is about 80 yrs old. There were not any mirrors in the room and while she was cutting my hair she was telling me about the eye surgeries she has had. Then she tells me not to worry about the places she scaped because it will grow back. When I got back to the hostile I had to put on my cap. Nice lady and she only charges $3 but my hair is pretty butchered. Oh well I still enjoyed our conversation.

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Anonymous said...

Well, fortunately you are out in the woods hiking, so you're supposed to look a little rugged with wild looking hair, right? Dave Morrison