Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Damascus, VA has been like heaven to us.

Well after turning a 3 day hike into 6 days with the sickness, etc we were all low on food and honestly had no interest in eating what was left in our food bags. We were 33 miles from Damascus, but arranged to be picked up 21 miles away to be shuttled into town. We will head back out tomorrow morning early to do the 21 miles into Damascus. Snooze and Ziggy stayed on the trail and are going to try to hike the 33 miles into town. I expect them to arrive around midnight tonight.

I had hoped to make it to Damascus before having to buy a new pair of trail runner and I just did make it. Today the bottom of my soles have torn so the timing was nearly perfect. Mt. Rogers Outfitters were great, as always, and I picked up a new pair of Montrail Trail Runners.

Damascus is a cute little town and is known as Trail City USA and is known to be the friendliest town on the Appalachian Trail. They host Trail Days in May where the town of 900 becomes home to about 15,000 past hikers or people who are thinking about hiking the trail. Every vendor will be there. It is hosted by Backpacker Magazine.

Well now I am off to Subway for the meatball sub I have been craving for two days now. BTW, my phone is charging so I will be able to post more often.

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