Monday, April 6, 2009

Hello from Erwin TN

Hello everyone, I will write more later but I have a few things to do before dark. I am in town so I did not want any of you to worry. I will see what happens with the storm tonight and I will either head back out tomorrow or the next day. It is kind of nice to be in town and able to watch the game tonight though. Today was a rather easy hike. I did just over 11 miles in about 4:20. Oddly enough it was the downhill section that slowed me down. I still think I would rather go uphill than downhill. Don't get me wrong, some hills are killer, but my feet take such a beating on steep downhills. I shouldn't complain though, still no knee problems or blisters. Talk soon.

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Rick said...

Just found your blog and read it all. Enjoying it. Will follow you to Maine. Yes, I often felt downhill is harder on the bones then the uphill. Good Luck. Rick