Monday, April 20, 2009

What's going on? That's what we would like to know. We all cooked out at Watauga and later that night three people got sick. Four people left on the 19th and Pokey, Glowworm and I stayed behind to help. Later Glowworm got sick so it was just Pokey and I. Everyone else was sick for most of the day. Today we moved on and 7 miles later we ran into 3 of the 4 that had left the day before and they were all puking. Two others we stayed with at the hostile are sick as well. We all just want to get to Damascus at this point. I still feel fine and the others seem to be able to keep food down. Glowworm is heading back to the hostile. We still are not sure what it is but at least everyone is getting better. We all use hand sanitizer often so it is weird everyone has gotten sick. Pokey has a degree in community health from Princeton so I am just sticking close to her till this is over

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Robin said...

OMG what a nightmire! Hiking the AT is enough of a challenge. I hope all goes well from here on.

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