Thursday, May 28, 2009

This is a better picture of the Rattler we saw beside the trail. We heard it before we saw it and I actually walked past it before realizing what it was. It sounded alot like a locust. The second picture is at Dragon's Tooth and the last picture is me on McAfee Knob, one of the most photographed places on the trail.


cassie said...

howdy howdy :) i was getting worried about you ... thank you for updating :) the pics are awesome ... as always :) i hate snakes !!! you be careful out there ... gotta scoot for now .. you take care :)

Larry Brown said...

Hey there -- Great rattler shot! This is Larry of Shenandoah Views, I met you at Big Meadows Wayside on Monday morning. I envy you guys for hiking the AT from start to finish...I wish I had considered it during my younger years! I hiked to the tallest falls at SNP today, Overall Run. I have now completed all of the 10 significant SNP waterfalls and I believe that I have the very first Web site that contain all 10 with photos and video clips. Personally, I thought it was VERY humid today in the mountains, and I started at 7am! I have not felt it that humid up there in a long time. I'll continue to check your progress on this blog -- be careful out there and HAVE FUN -- you are doing something that you guys will remember for the rest of your lives!