Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rocks, poison ivy, ticks, and spider bites. Oh yeah and Cabellas.
I didn't realize the poison ivy on me had gotten so bad, but I had to go to pharm this morning for some meds. I also have a pretty tick(??) bite on my backside that is swollen pretty good. Sunbeam has a nasty spider bite on her stomach and had to go to doc yesterday. We are all staying in Hamburg to rest today. The bad news is that the only hotel was more than I wanted to spend but the good news is that Cabellas, the largest outfitter in the world, is right across the street.
Most everyone will agree that they hate Penn. because of the rocks. Mile after mile of walking on rocks and in some places, going from boulder to boulder, really turns your feet into mush. My feet have held up ok (eventhough I am missing four toenails now). I am told the rocks continue to get worse till you get to the watergap. The southbounder I just met said get ready because its about to get absurd. I am in Hamburg by the way.

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