Thursday, June 4, 2009


Hello everyone. Well I am out of the Shenadoah National Park. It was nice, we really treated ourself to alot of milkshakes and food while in the park. They have food (way points) every 20 miles or so and since this is one of the few places on the trail where you can "spoil" yourself we did, but we also put in some long days. I did my longest day on the trail while in the park with 28 miles. I got to the first shelter and there were just to many people there for me so I ate and then hiked another 8 miles and camped out in a large meadow. I was constantly be waken all night by deer walking up to my sleeping bag trying to figure out what was sleeping in their field.

I did see my first bear. At Big Meadows campground there was a mom and a cub, but there were so many people that were getting to close that they were disturbing it. Instead of taking pictures I just stayed back to not attract more people to it. Yesterday I was hiking with Blue Steel and she literally said "I can not believe I have not seen a bear" at the exact time I saw one about 30 yards from us. We stopped and took a few photos. It was behind a log so there wasn't a clear view. Her camera beeped after it snapped the photo and the bear looked up and then ran off. It was perfect timing.

Well I am almost out of Virginia. The last 13 miles are known as the roller coaster because it is a number of hills that go straight up and straight down with each being about 0.7 miles each.


Kelly K. said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Shenandoah National Park. I was just there last weekend hiking and saw all the deer and a bear. I'm enjoying reading your blog and following you on your adventure. It is inspiring me to do more hiking. Enjoy the rest of your journey!

A Sky Full of Stars said...

This has been an awesome journey, through your posts and pictures. Thank you for taking us with you!

Larry B said...

Good photo captures on your last days in at SNP -- many new fawns have been born this week and they are lighting up Big Meadows :-)