Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just some random pictures from the trail.

Bad picture I know, but it was a sad day. Saying goodbye to good friends, Pokey and Erin. This is probably the last time I will see them on the trip. The are two of the more incredible people I have met on the trail.

It sucks that we could not just ride the ski lift up the mountain. The weather wsa so bad at the top that this was the only thing we cold actually see.

I only had a few minutes at the library so just adding a few pictures. Phone service is getting more random on the trail so I am probably not going to renew my contract in early August and just update via the computer in towns. I will post when possible. It is just my cell bill has cost about as much as my entire trip. The cost to post pictures, etc was more than I had expected. I will still do what I can though. I do hope everyone is enjoying.


Anonymous said...

Good pictures. I wish a little more detail on some of them. Are you still in contact with Nutmeg?

Anonymous said...

Hey there Mississippi,
We're thinking of doing the Carter Range next week Mon-Thurs up in the Whites. Perhaps we'll meet again along the trail. Great pics from the rest of VT. Glad you are taking your time through this section. Leanne

Time Outdoors said...

Nutmeg is just behind. It is hard to type much with my phone so I am planning on adding more descriptions after the trip. Most times I have to share the computer with others so I only have a few minutes to post. Not really enough time to go into detail. Soon though.. I promise.

Time Outdoors said...

Leanne - We are hiking out tomorrow and I think it works out that we are doing about 14 miles a day over the next section. Hope it works out.

Outdoor Dog's Blog said...

Great pictures, especially the one with tired dog on trail! Hope to see you soon in our neck of the woods! Here's a preview:
M and P