Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Salisbury CT

I am trying to post but had a problem with my cell phone. I think it will be back up and running later today. I am at the library in Salisbury, CT and will only be here for lunch and then I will start my climb up Bear Mountain. There was a detour at one of the bridge crossings today so we had to take several miles of roadway which is always a problem, but it was cool that we went by the Limerock Racetrack. It is an old 1.5 mile track that several celebrities use to race their classic cars. I know Paul Newman used to use it as well. I have a picture on my phone taken from the ridge where you can see part of the track, but as of now I have not been able to post it. Hopefully later tonight.

The weather has been awesome. I have been using a lightweight long sleeve during the day to help with mosquitoes and I think at night the lows have been around 50. Well I am off to lunch and then back on the trail. Take care everyone.

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