Friday, August 28, 2009

Appalachian Trail

Well I am back home in Mississippi, but I am not done. I still have several miles to go in Maine, but I am going to do it with the leaf season. Most of the mountains are behind me and I feel comfortable that I can finish the trail with the extra weight of my Canon SLR and my lenses. I have been itching to do some night photography as well and with the lakes and dark skies I think I am going to have some great opportunities. In the meantime while I am home I am going to start posting some pictures and including a few stories of about my trip so far. I am also going to be talking to recruiters and reviewing job listings so that when I get back, hopefully, I will have something lined up.


Jason said...

9 degrees in a hammock. Brrrr!

What did you use to stay warm? From your other post with a pic of the setup, it looks like you didn't use an underquilt. Did you use a pad in the hammock? What type of bag? Did you just layer up and hope for the best?


Time Outdoors said...

I just used the blue foam pad from Wal Mart and a 20 degree campmor bag. As you probably know, with a hammock you lose all your insulation underneath you because your bag is compressed. The pad provided plenty of insulation. I did end up replacing this pad for a thermorest one since the ones from walmart are open cell, they tend to hold moisture and extra weight. The 20 degree campmor bag is the best bag I have seen for the price. It truly is amazing.

cassie said...

well howdy howdy !!!! you are home ?? omg !!! when did you get back ???

Time Outdoors said...

Cassie, I am home but not done. I will be heading back late Sept to finish with the fall colors. I am enjoying my time home, but also looking forward to the rest of the journey.

Larry W. Brown said...

hey there -- just came across your blog again and saw this post. Are you and the others that were at SNP going to finish out together or just you alone? I have started a blog also, but only have one in there so far. Been taking so many photos this season that I am way behind on keeping my web site updated.

Did you get a lot of black bear photo opps on your journey?