Sunday, August 9, 2009

Moosilauke Mtn.

So let me tell you about the last couple of days. We ran into a few southbounders that told us about a commune that was having a dance fesitval this week. It was basically a group of free spirited individuals that got together once a year for a week of dancing and eating. While the dancing did not appeal to me, the eating did. We spent the night there and headed out yesterday day morning after breakfast with 8 miles before Glencliff. Glencliff is the town just before the largest climb we have had since TN/NC with a summit of 4810 feet. The climb was great and did not seem as bad as I had imagined. The descent is known as one of the more difficult ones with signs along the way stating "this trail can be treacherous when wet or icy". At the shelter Sota received a message from one of our friends saying that her parents were in town and they invited us to dinner. We were 1.6 miles from the road and Sota says tells them we will be there in 30 minutes. When he got off the phone I asked him if he remembered the sign about treacherous and slippery?? We took off on a ridiculous descent that ran along a waterfall most of the way. The rocks were slick, there were rebar and wooden steps rebared into the rock in places to help with the decent but it was still pretty crazy (especially when you are trying to rush). Long story short, we did make it, had a great meal, and ended up doing about 18 miles ending with one of the hardest climbs and descents on the trail. I felt great the entire way which really lets me know what kind of shape I am in right now.. well all of us for that matter.

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