Sunday, August 2, 2009

The mud is horible here. I am in my hammock and the rain is beating down. I am assuming we will get another couple of inches of rain tonight. I broke one of my trekking poles this week sliding down a section of the trail in the mud. I am with a great group of people right now and they are wanting to end the hike on 09/09/09. Everyone says you end on average 30 days from Hanover which is where I will be tomorrow. I could finish earlier but I have plenty of time to decide.

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Larry said...

Hey there! Man, for some reason I kept thinking the link was and then the other day I found a piece of paper in my Jeep that I had originally wrote it on (at the Big Meadows wayside where I met you). You guys are really making some tracks! Way to go. Looks like you are nearing 'the end', and have taken some really nice photographs along the way. Stay in touch!