Thursday, August 6, 2009

My hammock is attached to the base of the fire tower. There is a full moon tonight and the view is incredible. I plan to wake and watch the sunrise in the a.m. Other than getting stung by yellow jackets the last two days, N.H. has been great. They say it is the most challenging state but that it is also very rewarding. We had some good climbs tomorrow but Saturday should be the most challenging climb yet. I think I am going to leave the group and do a few extra miles tomorrow so I will be closer to the base Saturday Morning. The White Mountains are very steep and with many of the ridges above the tree line, you have to be prepared for any weather condition. It has snowed on some of the mts in July and Aug. There is a great swimming hole tomorrow so it should be a long day. I am turning in for the night.

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