Sunday, August 23, 2009

Welcome to Maine

Well things are good. We went through Mahousuc Notch, the toughest mile on the App Trail, a few days ago. I went through late in the day and ended up camping just past the north end. A notch is kind of like a valley, but in this case it was basically just a valley between two cliffs. Instead of one trail, you basically just figure out your own way through the notch climbing up and over boulders and crawling underneath them.

The next day was an incredible long day, we had to climb out of the notch and then had a few more tough climbs before the day was over. We hiked into Andover, Maine yesterday which was nice, but I did get caught in a pretty bad storm for the last 4 or 5 miles. It made hitch hiking easy though because noone could believe we were actually out walking through the storm during a tornado warning.

We slackpacked today and as long as the weather is ok, we are hiking out tomorrow. I have about 240 miles before reaching the end of my journey.


Jeremy H said...

Wow, man, you are cruising. I'm in Gorham. I linked to your blog, Mississippi, from my blog:

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