Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Appalachian Trail - Maine

While the Appalachian Trail in Maine is challenging, you are constantly rewarded with mountain top views and crystal clear lakes and rivers.   I would often sleep near these lakes and fall asleep to the sounds of loons during the night.   It was cool enough to keep mosquitoes away, which meant it was also to cold for me to swim, but I can only imagine how bad it must have been for some of my friends who finished their journey earlier in the summer.

“The clearest way to the Universe is through a forest wilderness” -John Muir

Humor for the day - These bear hunters were sitting around the cabin the night before the hunt bragging about their pass hunts.

The cabin boy was listening and went over and said "you guys make it seam pretty hard on capturing a bear".

They all laughed and said "it is hard; do you think you could bag one"?

"I can go out and bag you 2 if you will skin them, and I will bet each of you $100.00.

They agreed and off he went out into the night.

Soon he spotted a big grizzly; he waved his arm and started hollering the big bear started after him and he started running for the shack. When he got close to the shack he started yelling. "Open the door he yelled".

They looked out and saw the bear chasing the boy. Just as he got to the door they opened it and he stepped aside and the bear went in. He slammed the door and locked it and shouted. "OK skin him I'll go and get the other one".

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