Sunday, September 19, 2010

Busy weekend on the farm

Well busy weekend on the farm.   Friday I saw two rabbits for sale on craigslist so I picked them up after work, took them home and placed them in their pen.   They seemed super nervous so I was a bit worried about them.  I went back Saturday and they were all settled down and seemed to be enjoying there new home.   We had a dozer onsite Saturday to work on our roadways.  There were several areas that had eroded over the years so I was anxious to have them corrected.   I spent this morning putting seed out on the newly disturbed areas and will place hay on the areas this week.   I am putting millet, rye, several varieties of clover, etc on the old roadways.  I also planted onions, snap peas, lettuce, etc.   I think I am going to order a little more winter wheat to put out.    I will try to get some pictures of the rabbits this week.  I also hope to pick up two more female rabbits this week.   

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