Saturday, February 28, 2009

Appalachian Trail Gear Mods and Noxubee Refuge

I made a few changes to my gear that I wanted to post prior to starting my trip on Monday. Instead of going with the jetboil stove I opted to go with a the giga stove and snowpeak mug/pan titanium cookset. I wanted something a little more versatile for cooking different meals and a little lighter weight. I also purchased tree huggers for my hammock and few raynox micro adapter for my FZ28 digital camera.

I wanted to make a trip back to Noxubee Wildlife Refuge to visit the baby eagles prior to my A.T. Hike. I was pleased to see the babies more active than last time and even though the weather and cloud coverage were not cooperating, I got to see one of the parents flying into the nest with a duck and watched it for another 20 minutes while it plucked the feathers. While they did not seem to notice me there, I still did not want to spend anymore time there so headed back to bluff lake where I had seen several herons earlier.

If you are heading over to Noxubee Wildlife Refuge and have the time, one of my favorite trails is the beaver dam trail. Instead of taking the out and back, I continue walking along the levee of Green Timber Reservoir 1 and then walk back up River Road to Bluff Lake. It is not uncommon to see hawks and woodpeckers on the trail and you will usually spot alligators, herons, and waterfowl along this section of Bluff Lake.

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YogaforCynics said...

Beautiful bald eagle pic.

The important thing to remember about gear is that, while having good stuff can make life easier, it's far less important than attitude, and fortitude, and keeping yourself healthy. When I was on the AT, I remember time and time again sitting in an AT shelter with these gearheads talking about all their expensive stuff, while I felt a bit embarrassed about my cheap, borrowed crap. Invariably, though, the next day, I'd leave them far behind....