Sunday, March 1, 2009

Well we made it to Amicalola Falls state park, where the approach trail leads to Springer Mountain, the start of the approach trail. We have about two inches of snow and strong wind gust. We are told that the wind chill will be in the single digits in the morning. They let me go ahead and sign the registor since I will be leaving before they open in the morning. I am officially thru hiker #86. I owe alot of thanks to my dad and uncle Ronnie Joe for bringing me over, especially in this foul weather. I also want to say Happy Birthday to my mom and I hope she does not worry about me too much. Well we just had a large meal and I am about to take my last hot shower I am going to have in a while.


'becca said...

I was wondering if you would start your hike today in the snow, my brother told me the wind was fierce. Good luck! 'becca (ontipofmytongue)

Jungle* said...

pretty photos, surprising experiences.
i will come back!^^