Friday, March 13, 2009

App Trail Day 11 I started at Rock Gap Shelter where two guys that hiked last year made bacon and egg sandwich for me. I wish therw had been more thru hikers since they went through all that trouble. At the Franklin exit a church had hot choc for me as well. It has rained most of the afternoon. This picture is of an observation tower on Wayah Bald. Well it is 6:00 and I am in my hammock out of the rain. There were four people in the shelter and they offered to make room but I wanted to try my hammock setup in the rain. The Nantahala outdoor center (NOC) is about 17 miles and I may try to make it tomorrow. Most of it is downhill so if it is not to slick I should make it.

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Photojenni said...

Hello from Tennessee! Glad that everything is going good. Sounds like you are making good progress. Hope you have some nice weather coming your way. Just think, Spring is getting close. Keep posting the pictures, I have enjoyed looking at them.