Friday, March 13, 2009

App Trail Day 9- Bitter Sweet. It was a sweet day today in that I am now out of Georgia and into N.C. (one state down and 13 to go). It was bitter in that most of the people I have been camping with stayed in town an extra day to heal. I took a shuttle back to the trail with Jim, a retired gentleman from Chattanooga, and Lee, another through hiker that got lost a while back but ended up running into someone nice enough to give him a ride to the hotel. I ran into a new guy, false start, who is from gulfport ms. He started back in Jan but decided it was to early and has now came back (this explains his name). I also ran into Montana Mack, an outfitter in MT. for about 11 years. And lastly, Jess, the lady at springer when I started that needed to go back into town for extra winter gear. She has an aggressive schedule and is putting in alot of daily miles.
This tree is often photographed at bly gap, the crossing over point into N.C.

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