Thursday, March 5, 2009

At Neels Gap on the Appalachian Trail in Georgia

Hello everyone I only have a minute on the computer but I wanted to say thanks for everyone's comments. I wish I could reply to each of them directly but I am sharing this computer with 26 other people so I need to keep it short. All is well, weather is great, people are great, views are great. Good luck to everyone.

UPDATED - We were part of an early group getting into Neels Gap and while they were very prepared with merchandise, their grocery items were pretty slim, and expensive.  After walking in the snow and ice for a few days, everyone that did not have trekking poles purchased them at Neels Gap.   I met Pirate, a legend on the trail, for the first time here and would see him another five or six times in towns further north.  I also meet Jonathan and Maggie, two people I would hike with later on in my journey. 


David said...

Neels Gap is an interesting place with a special vibe about it. It always seems hard for me not to feel at home there.

(Although when I stayed over night there a few years ago in the bunk house downstairs, the bathroom shower was just gross!)

Good luck!

Kool Aid said...

Found your blog through a post on the Smokey Mountain Hiking blog and I'll be following your progress. I've wanted to hike the AT for years but it hasn't worked out for me yet.

I'm looking forward to your updates.

Time Outdoors said...

David,it is funny you mentioned it. They have just retiled the showers and bathrooms. They were finishing the upstairs one while I was there.