Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Appalachian Trail in Georgia

App Trail- Day 3. I made it a little over nine miles today and felt great all day. I got into a routine of walking for an hour and resting for five minutes and making sure I was snacking and drinking all day. I learned years ago doing triathlons that it wasn't just swimming, biking, and running, but in fact managing your eating and drinking while competing were equally important. I am camping with mosey and her husband Dulcemer Dave. They are a nice couple and I have enjoyed my time with them. I am also staying with three girls and the dad of one of them. He is the 63 year old guy that I am going to refer to as dad from now on. I have meet him on the trail alot the last couple of days. One of the girls has a blog There names are Jenn, Loretta, and Megan. And I guess I shouldn't leave out their dog Georgia. Tomorrow I will cross my first mountain over 4000 feet, Blood Mountain. I may stay there
for sunset pics or I may head on into town. I will decide tomorrow.


Photojenni said...

I found your blog a few days ago, and just noticed that you were traveling the AT. It is a beautiful trail. I have been on short walks in different placing in Tn and NC. Once we (my husband and I) pick up AT hitchhikers and took them to a hostel. Turns out they were from Australia. I will check in each day to see where you are. Happy Trails

David said...

Enjoy Blood Mtn! The views can be quite nice and you may have some snow up there. The shelter on top can be chilly though...

(Neels Gap is right around the corner too!)

Keep it up! -D