Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Appalachian Trail in Georgia

Beautiful day today. It's 11 and I have made it about 5 miles so far. I stopped at this rock outcropping for a quick bit and then I head to big cedar mtn, my largest climb of the day. No wildlife today except for woodpeckers. I hear a grouse just down from me but I have not seen it yet.  I wish the days were longer. 


Uncle RJ said...

Hey Kevin
Find you one of those girls that we saw Monday to rub out your shoulders. LOL. Keep your head up and take us some good pics off those ledges at BC Mtn. How is the trail? Is it rocky like Springer or flat. My ankles are still sore from those rocks. Anyway I gotta go an get ready to see the Dawgs eat some Gator tonight. All is well at home. Best of Luck and be careful. RJ

David said...

Just found your blog and will be following your hike!

It is amazing how technology has changed thru hikes in just a few years...

I attempted a SOBO in '04 and the only way we could update our trail journal was thru public libraries.

Keep it up and most of all - have fun!