Friday, March 27, 2009

Mar 24 App Trail Update. I am 0-2 hitchhiking. I tried to get an early start out of Gatlinburg, but spent almost an hour trying to hitch. I finally gave up and went to the happy hiker in Gatlinburg to call a shuttle. Cecil and his son Andrew were there getting supplies and offerred to drop me off at Newfound Gap. I highly recommend stopping by the Happy Hiker Store. They took great care of me and were very helpful. I also need to thank Cecil and Andrew again. I believe they said after this section the will have completed all of the A.T. section through the Smokies.
After the late start I pushed my pace to get in some miles. It was hard getting out of the parking lot at Newfound Gap because everyone had so many questions.
As far as views, this was probably the best day on the trail. Some of the ridges were only 15-20 ft wide so you had 360 degree views. This picture was taken at Charlie's Bunion.

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Cecil said...

hey, this is cecil and andrew thanks for putting us on you blog we will follow you and watch how you are doing. by the way we finished our trip the last day was pretty tough with the rain and such. have a good and safe trip