Friday, March 27, 2009

Mar 25 App Trail Update- It started raining in the middle of the night and finally let up mid morning. I slept in for a while and hit the trail around 9:30. The rain was not that bad but the wind was killer especially along the ridgetops. I kept zipping/unzipping my shirt, putting on gloves and then taking them off, etc. You would get hot climbing and then chilled on top so you have to constantly add or remove layers on days like today or things can go south fast.
I did 12.9 miles and made it to Cosby Knob by about 4:30 which isn't bad considering I took thirty mins for lunch. I am having some issues with my stove. I think the canister may have gotten moisture in it somehow. I had plenty of cold food to eat, but I am looking forward to pizza tomorrow.
The same crew I stayed with last night is here with the exception of glowworm. We also picked up a new guy named blue. Jenn arrived really chilled and may be getting sick. She is pretty tough so I think she wil be ok

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Cookymann said...

Time, I have been following your blog. Know you have had some uncomfortable weather. If you can hang in their another 10 -12 days the weather and the terrain should start getting better. I am Cookymann and I intend to start NE at Damascus, VA next Weds. April 1. I will be moving slow the first 2 to 3 weeks, so you and your group may catch me. Would like to meet all of you. I am older and slower than you so I want to make Katahdin by mid Sept. and then I can still do the GA, NC, and TN in Oct and Nov if necessary. If you are interested my blog is Good luck and hope to meet you on the AT. Cookymann