Monday, March 9, 2009

Appalachian Trail, Neels Gap, Blood Mountain

Mountain Crossings Outfitters comes into view as you approach Neels Gap from Blood Mountain. This is a popular place not only because it is most peoples first resupply location, but it is also the first place you can send items home. Often when you talk to people who have hiked the AT and you ask them what they learned from the trail they talk about wants vs needs. When you are having to carry everything with you on your back up a mountain then you have some time to think about if you really need it. I think this experience will carry over to life after the hike for most hikers.
They treated us fantastic at the hostile and Pirate, whom has hiked the AT 21 times, will make sure you are well fed and entertained.

Updated - I was having trouble posting via my cell at this point and some of the blogs in this area are out of order.

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