Thursday, April 2, 2009

I was asked about water conditions and bathrooms. Water has not been to scarce. About every 3 to 5 miles we have a spring, creek, or other water source. This is an outhouse taken at a hostile. Most shelters have a privy which is basically a toilet elevated a few feet off the ground. with a few boards around them for privacy. You are supposed to throw leaves in as well to speed up the compost process. I have taken several pics of them with the cam to make a bathroom book(idea i stole from meg and jenn). I will take a pic soon with cam to post. I usually just end up going in the woods and usually just before a large climb to carry less weight. jk

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Vicky said...

hehe that will be an interesting book.

Have you run into any frozen privies yet? I was listening to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy podcast and they had a privy full in the Smokies... but the trail crew couldn't do anything about it until "the matter thaws". :)