Saturday, September 12, 2009

Descent on Mt. Moosilauke in New Hampshire

In my previous entry I described the 1.6 miles down Mt. Moosilauke. I wanted to include a few photos of the cascades. For most of the way the trail ran parallel to the cascades, often with water splashing onto the trail making it slippery. This is the first part of the descent where the brook first joined the trail.

I had also mentioned steps to help make the path traversable, well this will give you an idea of the steps we encountered. I believe the design was to drill holes in the rock, epoxy rebar into the holes and then epoxy the timber onto the rebar. You would run into stretches of bare rock and most of the long and steep sections would have this system. There were a few places that did not have this system and it was easier to just slide down the rock on your read end.

This is one of the final cascades we encountered on the trail. I would love the opportunity to go back with my SLR camera and a photograph the waterfalls with a filter to allow more motion blur.

I had also mentioned earlier that someones parents had invited us to dinner. I recall ordering 8 wings and a large pan pizza. I believe I ate all but one piece which I had given away to someone that wanted to try a Hawaiian Pizza. The family was from North Carolina, so I asked them if they had driven to North Carolina and the daughter replied "No, that would have been crazy, it would have taken forever". My reply way, yeah, imagine trying to walk it.


Kate M said...

Travel/hiking blogs frustrate me, because they make me realize how much I'm missing out on.

I need to explore more!

Bobby Jean said...

... "imagine trying to walk it" ...

Terrific comeback! Like a good pair of boots or extra socks, humor can make or break such an adventure. Well done.