Thursday, September 10, 2009

Signs along the Appalachian Trail

I wanted to share a few signs I saw on the trail that were worthy of their own blog. Some signs are humorous, while others offer warnings of just how tough some sections of the trail can be.

If you ever get a trivia question that ask "What town did (blank) take place in during (either the Civil War or the American Revolution) and you do not know the answer, just say Harpers Ferry and you have a good chance of being right. It is probably best known for the abolitionist John Brown and his raid on the armory and arsenal to capture weapons to be used in free the slave in 1959. It seemed every building had some kind of sign or plaque stating something that at that point at some point in history. This sign was located on the balcony at the outfitter.

The Trail club used a little humor with this photo posted at an overlook offering views of Mt. Moosilauke. You can almost tell that this section of the trail is maintained by a college by the humor in the sign. I loved it.

You follow a series of cascades/waterfalls for the last 1.6 miles down Mt. Moosilauke. In order to try and make the trail navigable, there are a series of rebar, steps, and handholds to allow for traversing the step and hazardous terrain. Having already gone about 17 miles, including summitting Mt. Moosilauke, we were pretty tired and looking forward to camping at the shelter just before this 1.6 mile section. When we got to the shelter we learned that the others had moved on and that one of our friends had family in town and they had offered to take us to dinner. Sota called them and told them we would meet them at the parking area in about 30 minutes. When he told me 30 minutes, I asked him what part of step and treacherous did he not understand. So anyway we took of. It did take me about 55 minutes to reach the parking area, but I felt like I was flying. It did keep the adrenaline up, but it was very unnerving at the same time. I did stop a few times to snap a quick photo of the cascades.

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