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Friday, April 17, 2009

Well I had my worst day on the trail. We did 18 miles yesterday and when I got to camp I took two Ibuprocein before eating anything. I started feeling sick right away but tried to make myself eat anyway. After a couple of hours I turn i n. About 11 last night I feel it and throwup in my hammock all over sleeping bag and clothes. I couldn't stop. I got out and put on what few clothes I had left then went to the fire. I stayed there till 3am then figured I would hike the six miles to kincora hostel. I made it to the hostile this morning and washed my bag, hammock, etc. I feel ok now just tired and no appetite. 24 miles without sleep so I imagine tomorrow will be tough.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Rough night...hope today is complete recovery. Don

Anonymous said...

That's awful! Sorry you got sick, but that's what happens with ibuprofen on an empty stomach. I hope you are better soon and don't push yourself too much until you get your energy and rest back. Dave Morrison

Vicky said...

Yikes-- does sound like a tough day! Feel better!